Pre-Shop Detour

It’s been snowing for about 24 hours now.

With desperate resolution I struck out to replenish victuals.
The mighty warrior-doggess Tobia forayed along.

Alongside the path we trod, trees stood with quiet menace.

Across a desolate white sea, beyond the Tree, the Bin,
the Bench, we spied a Castle in the mist.

Between us we beheld a rare phenomenon,

The Sea of Bellybuttons,

Beyond it,
The Sea of Swirls.

Blocking our distance,
The Rampart of the Realm.

But actually we turned right instead, walked about fifty yards
and ended up in the local high street.


– The End –


Spot the Duck!

The lakes are melting out. Which is bad for skating… but looks great in the sunlight.

The mallard is my second favourite bird, I’ve decided. After the hooded crow.

Jörgen Mörgensen


This is a test post. This photo is doubly mine: I took it of me. If I post the link to fb, does it become the other fb’s as well? I don’t think so.

A Memory and Three Pictures

On December 19th in 2007 my friends Rob and Sportember and I went to see an exhibition at the Jewish Museum in Vienna entitled Wilhelm Reich. Sex! Pol! Energy! It was bitterly cold and my car had no heating. We took extra coats and blankets. The trip, some 180 km each way, was definitely worth it.

One of the exhibits was an audio recording that Reich made on April 3rd, 1952, when all his colleagues abandoned him and he was left alone, “the recording apparatus his only witness”, at Orgonon. I listened to it, found it fascinating, and proceeded to record it from the headphones provided, using my mp3 player. Here it is:

Wilhelm Reich, Orgonon, April 3rd,1952

In other news, winter this year is mild. At times more like a mild autumn, really.

The lakes have frozen and thawed repeatedly while the wind was playing various tunes. The result is a fractal pattern of some beauty:

And finally, the same thing from a wider perspective: