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22 December 2015, morning and evening photos

I fiddled with these quite a lot, except this one.

Went down to the drained lake-bed in the morning.

The sun was breaking through the clouds, turning the sky into watercolour.

Pearly hues laboured at the horizon.

Then a ray of sunlight got through.

The mud in the lake-bed was cracked and green with moss…


In the evening, I went up to our town’s Calvary Hill to see the sunset. A tower once build for casting buckshot from lead stands on that hill.

Nearby, a large, much fractured piece of old limestone sits on the grass. It must be a man’s height across.

And there’s the scene of the cross, the crosses.

There is also a chapel and a water tower on the hill.

pano_pos1-vert_edI took a last look back before I left.

I am so grateful for colours.

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