6 Replies to “Bruno and Naomi*”

  1. Hey, that sounds funny, but probably it’s rather serious…
    Should talk about is, should wait until she can talk about it.. you may know all these shit ūüôā
    But I really like the way you are telling it

  2. “Bruno and Naomi* *For some reason, it sounds better than ‚ÄúNaomi and Bruno‚ÄĚ.”

    For what reason? Please encircle the correct answer!
    #1. The girl on the left is called Bruno & the guy on the right is called Naomi. Therefore it is natural to call the scene Bruno and Naomi. In this reason the sexual aspect of the aformentioned disagreement also plays a role.
    #2. We’re all fed up with the gender distorsion that is generated by always letting the women go first. It’s time to anti-feminism. Bruno and Naomi sounds better on reasons based in gender-politics, which by the way we disagree on.
    #3. I’m not able to judge the issue.
    Thank you for taking part in the National Consultancy!

  3. Hey, Elmer! The previous blog post thing, the meat cleaver thing… that happened to his finger.

    Sportember, always nice comments: #4. Bruno is actually the guy that puts the comics together so he come first. right? It’s a rhythm ting.

  4. I know exactly what you’re saying Bruno.
    My wife’s libido popped out for a pack of smokes 6 years ago and I’ve been waiting for it to come back home ever since!

  5. Hey actually yeah but no! I mean, the situation in our household is differently grievious,,, it’s not that the libido has gone AWOL as such, we just find the time to exercise it in unison ever so rarely, because, unfortunate as it is, it is certainly true that in order to engage in sexual congress of an enjoyable type you need to be awake, not desperately tired and present at the same time as the other party, who also needs to be all those things… and somehow we fail to achieve a satisfying frequency there. But I do feel for you, Entropius (can I call you Enty?).

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