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Service Announcement

For the lucky few, hidden in dark, forgotten corners of the universe, who don’t know already: holist is henceforth also to be known, feared and ridiculed, as Bruno Fuchs. To celebrate the occasion, I am introducing a new modus operandi: … Continue reading

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Bruno and Naomi 2

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Bruno and Naomi*

* For some reason, it sounds better than “Naomi and Bruno”.  

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Meat Cleavers Are Dangerous

So be careful! I wasn’t. Finger’s intact, though, I’ll live.

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The Conference of Birds

Some fifty thousand northern geese of various species are frequenting the lake that’s down the bottom of our street. At sunrise, they rise together and fly to nearby fishponds to feed. At sunset, they return. The noise they make is … Continue reading

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Epitaph Request

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Travelling with Moving

On the 6th of November, in honour of Guy Fawkes and crazies everywhere united I decided to cycle from my house in Tata, Hungary to Felsőörs, also Hungary. A tiny little worm in this map. Here it is in greater … Continue reading

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